About Caroline Cadenza

I am an award-winning senior copywriter with such vast and varied experience, you can trust me to handle any project with expertise, flair and speed. Available for short or long-term freelance bookings, I’m equally happy to work solo on copy projects or to team up with art directors for conceptual brainstorming.

I started writing advertisements when I was eight years old! In the summer holidays, my friends and I created a made-up radio station with almost end-to-end commercial breaks (as I thought they were the best bit). Years later when it was suggested I do this for a living, I couldn’t believe anyone would pay me to have so much fun. I got a sought-after place on the Watford College copywriting course, was kept on after my first internship in an ad agency, and what a lot of fun I’ve been paid to have ever since.

A question from the Watford College copy test:

State in exactly 99 words, no more, no less, why you should have a place on the course.

My answer:

Oh don’t ask me − I had no choice
A clear, unceasing, inner voice said,
“Tear your UCAS form in two!”
And made me send a form to you.
Creative teams inside my head
Have begged to be set tasks for years
They chat for hours when I’m in bed
And wake me up with big ideas.
To work at an electric pace
And fill a thirty second space
And hit the public in the face
Would set me in my rightful place.
I know that I must do this now
And so I beg you: teach me how!